Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 21 ~ Winds of Change Part II

Last's weeks windy ride turned into this weeks beautiful ride. Total miles... 72.5. Total hours on the saddle 6-ish.

I have learned to look at this time as my own. How often is it that I have 6+ hours to myself. Time to think. Think about what you ask?

  • Chores I need to get done when I get home
  • Getting the girls ready for what ever event is coming up
  • Who I need to call
  • Reminding myself what I need to read for bible study
  • Am I going to make it back to my car from the ride
  • The election (can't wait until it is over)
  • Dinner
  • The things I have negligted since starting training
  • Sleep
  • Nothing
  • Why I'm doing the ride
  • My wonderful family

But, when I get back to my car reality once again sets in. I get my messages on my cell phone "Mom, when are you coming home?", "Mom, do you know where my flat iron is? Call me", "Mom, where are you. Are you going to be home soon. I miss you.", "Mom, can I go to my friends?" The never ending story of kids. And, I wouldn't have it any other way. They have sacraficed just as much or more when I am gone on Saturdays.

We stopped at Camping World twice during our ride to rest and eat lunch. It was nice to stop some place with an nice area to sit and relax. My friend Aaron works there. He is my bible study leader and really kind person. Jan and I see every week.

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