Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 11 ~ Going to Hollywood Baby

Well, Hollywood Casino anyway...

I was a little nervous about the ride on Saturday. I missed the "hills" ride the week before and indulged during our vacation. I have a hard time sleeping the night before any of my rides and this week was no exception. Frank and I were alone. The girls were with my aunt since Frank had to work on Saturday. So we made baked potatoes and chicken for dinner and enjoyed the Olympic opening. I fell asleep at 10 but woke up at 12 and 5. Since I could't go back to sleep I stayed up and got ready for the morning.

When we got to the Alameda we had a special guest. Roy, a cancer survivor came and gave us a pep talk. He thanked us for our efforts and reminded of us that even though some of our rides may seem grueling at times it is nothing compared to fighting cancer. I remember when my mom was fighting cancer. The chemo and radiation were tough on her and I saw her whither a way before my eyes. I am riding to help eliminate the pain and suffering that cancer patients endure. I am riding to find a cure. I am riding to help the family left to remember their loved ones not feel a void. My mom was only 38 years old when she died. Thanks Roy for your courage to come and talk to us and congratulations on your remission. A great accomplishment.

The ride did take us to the San Felipe Casino. I felt pretty good on this ride. It was mostly flat and that helped me to gain some much needed confidence. This ride was about 53 miles. Sometimes it is hard for me to think that only 3 months ago I couldn't even go 20 miles.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my fundraising. I am half way there. Look for a couple of fundraising events to come.


I made it to Hollywood.
Heather and I at a pit stop in Bernalillo.
The road from Bernalillo to Algadones.
The road from Algadones to San Felipe Casino.

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