Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 8 47.2 miles

I couldn't sleep on Friday night in anticipation for the ride on Saturday. I think I ended up with about 4 hours. I was thinking that this was just too much for me and I should wait until next week. But, I went. I picked Jan up and knew there was no turning back. We started out at the Santa Ana Casino and warmed up our legs by going up the dam road (Tamaya road). I started to panic because my legs started feeling stiff and hurting right away. I kept thinking that there was no way I was going to make it to San Isidro.

But, I kept going. The beginning hills were not as bad as I anticipated. What freaked me out more than anything was the traffic zooming by at high speeds. The semi trucks made no attempt to go away from us. After the hills, it was easy going until we got to the gas station. We rested there for about 10 minutes and made our way back. I used the clip pedals and was a bit uncomfortable because I felt I did not have any control. The hills on the way back was 10 time worse than the beginning of the ride. Steep, steep, steep. We also had false flats. Thinking you are going straight when actually you are going up a steady incline. The hills didn't bother me to too much. What bothered me was coming down the hills. I think I rode the brake the entire time. I was not comfortable going super fast being clipped in. But, I backed away from everyone for my own comfort and I MADE IT... the whole 47.2 miles. Almost half a century.

I didn't get any pictures going to San Isidro, but I got a couple on the way back. The group picture is at the San Isidro gas station. I think the signs behind us told of what we wanted to do after the ride. Another team member CeCe is showing off the milage sign back to Bernailo, 22 miles. And of course I like to get a end picture after the ride. Jan, Heather and I made it. They finished before me, but I was not too far behind.

I have to love my girls. When I got home, they made a sign and put it on the door saying "Good Job Mom". I had to treat them to ice cream. I crashed that night after church and then sent the girls off to camp on Sunday.

My new mantra... Harder, Stronger, Faster. I think it is a song. Until next week. XOXO

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Heather, said...

Yep, harder, faster, stronger! xo