Monday, July 7, 2008

Week 6 - Meeting a friendly face along the ride

All week I had people calling to check on me. And, I had people asking when I was going to get on the bike. As you can imagine I was a bit hesitant since my fall. I planned to take the week off and start from scratch on Monday. Heather invited me to ride on the bosque to just get on the bike. We did't have to go far but we had to go. So on Thursday, I met her at 7am and we had a nice ride from Alameda and Rio Grande to Central. Round trip was about 18 miles. Since I was not riding with the team on Saturday, "Road Mom", wanted me to get another ride in. So Nick (mentor) was gracious enough and met me on Sunday. We did about a 28 mile ride to Bernaillo from Alameda. All in all both went well. I was nervous on the road to Bernalillo. Nick stayed far enough back so I felt comfortable.

When we got to the gas station in Bernaillo, I ran into a friend from my old neighborhood, Katie. It was great talking to her and meeting a friend she was riding with. Both were very encouraging to continue. Her friend Nan is a cancer survivor and I was inspired to see her out on the road.

I am trying to stay positive. My thoughts continue to go to Dale and how she is doing. She will be in recovery for a while. Continue to keep her in your prayers. I hope to do better this week with my training. I am feeling a little depressed about the fall. I am working it out as best as I can...

Read Heather's blog on sharing the road with cyclists.

Me, Nick, Katie and Nan

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KatieWin said...

YOU ROCK Chris. You looked mega-strong when I saw you yesterday.

Keep it up and know that you are doing it for the good of many, including you.

Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do one thing each day that scares you."