Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week 2 of training

This week seemed to be a little easier for me in training. I only rode the spin bike once and did the team ride Saturday. This ride was only 10 miles. I know I could have done more, but we started late in the afternoon and I needed to be somewhere by 4:30. I have to say, I felt great on the ride. We were going at a steady 12-15 miles an hour and finished the ride in less than an hour. I am excited to do my first longer ride and see how I feel. My biggest problem is going to be keeping my self hydrated. When we finished yesterday, I drank 32oz. of Gatorade in 10 minutes. I think I am going to use a camelback because I am not carrying enough water with me.
What a learning experience this has been for me. I am also encouraged when I see my other team mates. We are all different levels and the coaches and mentors take care of all of us. Some left on a 20 mile ride yesteday, and then there was one lady who wears an oxygen tank and went on her first 10 mile ride. While she was not fast, she did finish. No pictures this week, I forgot my camera and also have to get a bigger bag for under my seat to put all my stuff in. It is amazing all the suff you need. Still learning...

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