Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lake Tahoe Here I Come

Life has been so busy these last few weeks I have not had time to post what has been happening with riding lately. Here is the quick down & dirty. After the Tahoe ride I will catch up with pictures.

~ Long training training rides in the mountains in horrible winds.

~ Training rides cancelled due to bad weather
~ Great ride to the Gilman Tunnels in Jemez - 75 miles.

~ Rode the Santa Fe Centruy with friends - 80 miles.

~ Blew off the last 85 mile training ride Memorial weekend to spend it with my family. Saw Night at the Museum.

~ Taper ride on the 30th. Rode 30 miles on my mountain bike to the Range in Bernalillo to have breakfast with the whole team. Guests were able to join us.

~ TNT send off party at the Giudice's. Ate lots of good food, kids swam all night, soaked in the hot tub and was eaten by mosquitos.

~ Starting to pack for the trip. Packing the girls to go spend the weekend with my sister. Frank is free for 5 days.

~ Frank has still not bought me the Nikon D90 I want. I am now asking for the lower model D60.

~ Leave for Lake Tahoe on Friday the 5th and the ride is Sunday the 7th.

I'll be back with awesome pictures (I hope).
XOXO to all.

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