Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Valentine's Birthday Ride

Happy Birthday Jan...

She was ambushed with silly string.

We celebrated Jan's birthday on Valentine's Day. All birthdays are special, but how fun to be born on the day Cupid shoots lots of arrows. We planned to ride 53 miles for her 53rd. We tried, but the wind was not our friend. We ended up doing 35 (53 reversed). We ended up at the Range in Bernaillo for lunch and cake (and a couple of drinks) :0) Frank and Tom drove down and met us there. Thank goodness. After filling our bellies the wind would have just blown us over for the ride home. We piled in the warm trucks for the drive home.

Good friends at the Range.

Getting ready to ride in the morning with the group. The first part of the ride was 25 miles on highway 528. The tempreature was in the 30's. Just a bit brisk.

Gina and I were spoiled on Valentine's Day. We both had our special someone to ride with us. My kids were with a friend and Gina's kids were with her mom. Both of us usually try and hurry to finish our ride so we can get home to our kids. Not today, we took our time.

Frank's Valentines present was a new road bike. My mountain bike man finally caved into the road. He said he will never give up the dirt through. I drooled over his bike for two days. I think we should trade.

Looking goofy.

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